Sinter machine desulphurization technology

Main technical introduction:

(1) Organic amine desulphurization process-this technology is to utilize organic amine as SO2 absorber to remove SO2 in sinter fume and product concentrate sulphuric acid as byproduct.
(2) SDA desulphurization process- utilize rotary atomizing technology to fully atomize lime slurry to absorb SO2 in fume, and dust containing in exhausting fume is collected by bag dust catcher for recycle and ex-transport.

Main technical highlights:

Organic amine desulphurization and byproduct concentrated sulphuric acid technology
Amine liquid anti-escape technology
Amine liquid purification integrated technology
Amine liquid system equipment cleaning technology
Fume scrubbing, cooling, desulphurization, entrainment trap technology

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